About me

Hi and welcome to my website! My name I Gregor Zorn, I come from the sunny side of Slovenia and I am passionate about medical cannabis. I am on a mission to learn and understand, how this healing herb can be used for treating a wide variety of conditions, especially those, that are debilitating or life-threatening.

Cannabis sativa L. has many other uses as well, more than 50,000 products can be made from its fibers, leaves, pulp, flowers, and seeds. It can be used in everyday life, from nutrition to house building, from bio-diesel to cosmetic products. It is, by far, the most versatile, useful and incredibly easy to grow crop, that is so underutilized, mainly due to intentional and meticulously executed false propaganda.

It is also one of the most studied plants, with over 17,000 hits on PubMed, yet we are still debating on its toxicity, health and addiction hazards. No other plant has had so much negative biased disinformation regularly pumped into the media, despite the fact that there has been no documented case of death by cannabis (THC) overdose. And this is really a unique fact.

All this data further motivates me to keep on studying this plant and its many uses, in everyday life and especially in therapeutic applications.

So how did my journey start?

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Biotechnical University of Ljubljana I specialized in nutrition and got interested in holistic approaches to health. This led me to the discovery of cannabis and its therapeutic potential, which completely took me over and has been my priority ever since.

I became fascinated by this healing plant, its constituents and wanted to understand cannabinoid mechanisms of action, synergistic interactions with other constituents and their impact on modulating the endocannabinoid system.

I attended all the national and international conferences on cannabis, cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system, so to further comprehend and get up-to-date information for the world’s leading experts.

Today I am mostly focused on medical cannabis education and cannabinoid therapy counsulting.

Medical Cananbis Education

Understanding how medical cannabis works and how we can use it therapeutically, is essential if we want doctors to feel competent in prescribing it, and patients feel confident in its efficacy, safety and applicability to a myriad of aliments.

That is why I have been focusing on medical cannabis education, by doing courses, presentations and talks to different groups of people (doctors, pharmacists, patients…). It is important to communicate this often times difficult to comprehend subject, in a way that your audience can understand what you are talking about and have the confidence, to practically apply this new knowledge.

Besides doing presentations all over the world, I am also engaged in different projects of medical cannabis education for medical professionals and teaching several medical cannabis topics to students.

I honored to be one of the teachers at the first official Medicinal Cannabis Post-Graduate Educational Course, at the Padua University Medical School. This is a first official post-graduate educational course in Europe, provided by a university. The 2017/18 class will finish in September and the 2018/19 course will also be CME accredited.

I am also one of the teachers at the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis, a 5-day intense course on the presented by some of the world most renown cannabis experts. The MMC is in its 7th year and is the brainchild of renowned cannabis researcher and expert Dr. Arno Hazekamp. This year’s masterclass is for the first time, happening in Ottawa (Canada), instead of its usual location in the historic city of Leiden (the Netherlands). 25 students from all over the world, will have a chance to elevate their medical cannabis knowledge to a new level, interact with cannabis experts and visit medicinal cannabis LP’s.

Cannabinoid Therapy Consulting

Cannabinoid therapy can be a complicated affair, especially to those who have never had any experience with safe natural therapies. Detailed knowledge, of how this natural medicine can help in various diseases, is essential for building a strong foundation, which can be then practically applied.

For several years now, I have spent my time studying, researching and applying this knowledge for consulting patients in a holistic approach to treating their specific ailments.

My main focus is whole plant cannabinoid therapy combined with other important aspects of everyday life, such as nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle.

People are often confused with all the contradictory information that can be found on the internet so getting the right information is crucial for an effective outcome of treatment.

I provide consultations and personalized treatment plans for all our clients. Every person is an individual so „one size fits all“ types of treatments are not applicable.

It is important to find the right combination of constituents with the right dosage to effectively treat specific diseases.

Current collaborations:
  • Chief Scientific officer at Cananray Ltd. a UK based medical cannabis company.
  • Teacher at the Medicinal Cannabis Post-Graduate Educational Course, “Medicinal Cannabis: Agricultural, Botanical, Medical, Legal and Social Aspects”, at Padua University Medical School in Italy. This is a first official post-graduate CME accredited medical cannabis educational course in Europe, provided by a university.
  • Advisory Board Member and teacher at the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis® , the most validated, professional-level education for medicinal cannabis available today
  • Scientific Advisory Board Member at Portugal Medical Cannabis (PTMC). PTMC is a non-profit association that seeks to promote public health through the dissemination of scientifically based information on cannabis, through conferences, workshops, discussion groups and open consultations for patients.
  • Co-founder of the European Cannabinoid Therapy Association (ECTA), an organization committed to driving the ongoing research of therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, offering a comprehensive range of educational programs to suit several different levels of expertise and therapy applications using cannabinoids.
  • Founding member, author and scientific advisor to Zbudimo.se , a Slovenian nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis.
Past presentations
Health, Hemp and Innovation Expo, 2-3.12.2017, Melbourne, Australia


Cannabis Europa 22.5.2018, London, United Kingdom
The Medical Cannabis Conference, 13-14.7.2018, Nicosia, Cyprus
Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis® reunion 27-29.7.2018, Leiden, the Netherlands

Cannabicum – The Hungarian Medical Cannabis Conference,  8-9.9.2018 Budapest, Hungary


Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis 2018

Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis 2018, 30.10-2.11.2018, Ottawa, Canada

Cannaworld Congress 2018, 21-22.11.2018, Medellin, Columbia