GZ Consulting

GZ Consulting offers specialized services in three areas of the cannabis space: medical, wellness and recreational.

Each of these areas has its own specifics with different wants and needs from the consumers, patients and clients. Understanding your clients’ needs and wants is essential to have a successful cannabis business.

Medical cannabis

Medical Cannabis Education

Interactive online and live courses targeted for specific groups, delivered in a comprehensible, user friendly way, to guarantee maximum retention of newly acquired knowledge.

Medical Cannabis Education for Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) – main topics:

  • Cannabis sativa L. history of documented medicinal use
  • Understanding cannabis compounds (API’s) and how they are made
  • Introduction to the endocannabinoid system and its role in our body
  • Cannabinoid dosing and effects via different routes of administration
  • Cannabinoid pharmacology (pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic assessment across different routes of administration)
  • Medicinal use in medical conditions and symptom management
  • Modulatory/synergistic effects of phytocannabinoids (D9-THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, D8-THC, THCA, CBDA)
  • Side effects – mitigation, prevention
  • Drug interactions and safety of phytocannabinoids
  • Medical cannabis laws, reimbursement, prescrition process and product availability by country/state/region

Medical Cannabis Education for Patients

Patient education is of the outmost importance as like with medical professionals, this is a relatively unknown subject for them and can be very confusing.

Providing them with user friendly, comprehensible and correct information can distinguish your company from the completion and provide loyal a happy long-term consumer. Some of the topics:

  • Medical cannabis – history of use
  • Medical cannabis use – the scientific evidence
  • What are patients using cannabis for?
  • Cannabis compounds and their effects
  • Legality, availability and prescribing of cannabis/cannabinoids in my country/state/region
  • Differences between medical and wellness cannabis products
  • Potential side effects and how to prevent them

Medical Cannabis Education for Students

Educational live/online seminars specifically tailored for the dedicated number of hours, designed to provide all the most important information for students to have a basic understating of medical cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

Product development

Cannabis sativa L. produces many compounds with therapeutic potential and yet only a few have been extensively studied. Knowing which compounds in which ratios could produce desired therapeutic effects is essential for successful companies who what to stay ahead of their competitors. Offered services:

  • Development of new product formulations, with different cannabinoid ratios, for specific routes of administration (inhalation, oral, buccal, transdermal, suppository).
  • Incorporating terpenes/terpenoids, and other cannabis natural compounds, for their modulatory/enhancing/flavour effects.
  • Enhancing the bioavailability and stability of cannabinoid formulations, with natural and synthetic agents.

Variety (“strain”, cultivar) selection

Choosing the right cannabis varieties is very important, as different chemovars have different uses and specific therapeutic effects. Different cannabis varieties are best suited for different grow environments (outdoor, greenhouse, indoor) and have different grow cycles, needs, yields, pest/infection resistance, ect.


We are seeing exponential growth in the cannabis/hemp wellness space, with new companies popping all over the world. Companies in this sector need to distinguish themselves and their products from the competition. GZ Consulting offers services for your company to have a competitive edge over other similar companies.

Consumer education

Education targeted to educate your consumers in distinguishing your products from the competition, making sure your customers understand your product and can differentiate it from your competitions products.

Business owner education

Business owner need to have a good grip on the specifics of the cannabinoid product space. All company employees should also have a basic understanding of the specifics of cannabinoid consumer goods, so they can better fulfil their respective roles in the company.

Product development

The number of companies focusing on cannabinoid products in wellness is growing every day, so it is crucial to make products that are distinguishable and offer advantages, that the competition doesn’t have. Different phytocannabinoid ratios, terpenes and flavonoid ratios, enhanced bioavailability and innovative product developments can help your company outperform the competition.


The recreational cannabis market is limited to counties/states with recreational cannabis laws. The specifics of this market need to be understood, to have a successful long-term business.

Business owner education

Business owners need to understand the specifics of this market and the needs and wants of their customers. Cannabis consumers are looking for specific experiences with cannabinoid products and it is important to have a deep understanding of how these needs can be addressed. Knowledge of the newest trends in cannabinoid products is crucial for being able to predict consumer needs and deliver new exciting products.

Dispensary staff education

Dispensary personnel need to have a good understanding of cannabis and cannabinoids, as they are the ones who receive a lot of questions from eager consumers. To give advice in regards to “what product will fork for me/my condition”, they have to have a general education in specific cannabinoid/cannabis topics. GZ consulting offers general and specific education for dispensary staff, on several topics of interest:

  • General knowledge of cannabinoid actions
  • Endocannabinoid system 101
  • Differences between cannabis varieties in their perceived effects
  • What products to recommend for medical conditions and symptoms

Consumer education

Education of your clients in the evolving cannabis market is a smart investment as it allows you to offer added value to the cannabis consumer experience. Assessing your consumer needs and offering them new joyful experiences will help you retain satisfied and loyal clients.

  • Is THC for me and what does CBD do?
  • Your nose knows – terpenes and their effects on my cannabis experience
  • How to consume safely different cannabinoid products
  • Differences between inhalation and ingestion
  • Know your concentrates – differences, uses and perceived effects
  • Smoking vs. vaporisation – the good, the bad and the smelly
  • I took too much THC – what do I do now?
  • Feeling groggy after an intense cannabis night? What natural remedies can I use that are effective and work fast 

Dry herb vaporizer development

Dry herb vaporizers offer a consumer friendly alternative to smoking cannabis flowers. These devices offer several advantages to consumers and we are seeing a steady increase in their use. We are seeing many new companies that are developing these devices that don’t understand the importance of various vaporizer issues (isolated air paths, air cooling, draw resistance, material selection, heating chamber position, mouthpiece functionality, conduction/convection defences) resulting in bad design and terrible consumer experience. GZ consulting has years of experience in testing the best portable/desktop devices and offers consulting in vaporizer development.


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