FUNDACION DAYA is a non-profit organization. Its objective is research and promotion of alternative therapies aimed at relieving human suffering as well as advising on the design of public policies that promote the physical and spiritual well-being of people.

DAYA in Sanskrit means “compassionate love”, and it is precisely this spirit that we want to embody, making the urgencies and necessities of the community our own. We believe that human suffering is often inevitable, it is part of the human condition, but it can without doubt be relieved.

3. International Seminar of Medicinal Cannabis – Santiago, Chile

III Seminario Internacional de Cannabis Medicinal Santiago de Chile

Fundación Daya invites three days of exhibitions on the advances in research, regulation and clinical application of medicinal cannabis in the world, with a select group of national and international exhibitors. This seminar is aimed at doctors, scientists, health professionals, students, patients and the general public, in the context of Chilean openness and leadership in the subject.

Dr. Gisela Kuester – Medical cannabis in refractory epilepsy and ASD (Spanish)

Dr. Paola Pineda – Medicinal Cannabis: Experience in Colombia (Spanish)

Dr. Manuel Guzmán – How does the endocannabinoid system work? (Spanish)

Dr. Cristina Sánchez – Cannabis and cancer: What we all need to know (Spanish)


2do Seminario Internacional de Cannabis Medicinal

2. International Seminar of Medicinal Cannabis – Santiago, Chile

The Second International Seminar on Medicinal Cannabis of Santiago, organized by the Daya Foundation and Fundación MamáCultiva, took place on 9 and 10 December in the Honor Room of the Former National Congress.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the Medical College of Chile, the College of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Chemists of Chile, as well as the University of Valparaíso and the University of the Frontier, the Seminar was attended by six international and seven national spekers.

Dr. Dustin Sulak Presentation (English/Spanish subtitles)

Dr. Ethan Russo Presentation (English/Spanish subtitles)

Dr. Christina Sanchez Presentation (Spanish)

Dr. Gisela Kuester Presentation (Spanish)

Mara Gordon Presentation (English/Spanish subtitles)

Ana Maria Gazmuri Presentation (Spanish)