European Cannabis Events 2018 August-December

The first half of 2018 has been packed with cannabis expos, symposiums and business events, showing us that there is a rising interest in these types of events in Europe. Record breaking attendances, sold out events and thousands of curious, knowledge seeking attendees, have demonstrated that this industry is growing exponentially in the EU, as well as worldwide.

New events are popping up all over Europe, so I decide to make a list of the events leading to 2019.

I listed the events by month and colour coded them, for better comprehension:

  • Business
  • Expo
  • Science/Education


Cannabis business Europe, 27-28 August , Frankfurt, Germany

The European Event on the Development of the Cannabis and Hemp Market.

Cannabis business Europe will offer a mix of case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops you will gain a diverse and inspiring perspective on the digital future. The multi stream format allows you to move freely between the conferences and choose the sessions of most interest and relevance. Create your program from the case studies and interactive round tables.


North Grow Cannabis Expo, 7-9 September, Copenhagen, Denmark

We proudly invite you to the first Cannabis Expo on Scandinavian soil.

It is our ambition to organize an International event, to inform the Scandinavians about the benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. We hope to raise awareness about Cannabis with a 3 day event that offers exhibitors, speakers, debates and entertainment – right here in Copenhagen!

Cannabicum – Hungarian Medical Cannabis Conference, 8-9 September, Budapest, Hungary

The main objective of the Hungarian Medical Cannabis conference is to present the potential of medical use of cannabis, its international experience and the latest research results with the widest possible range of society; and to launch a wide-ranging social consultation on the possibilities of developing the Hungarian Cannabis program.

During the two-day event, the lectures of the area’s domestic and international experts will alternate with roundtable discussion on various themes.

Expogrow, 14-16 September, Irun, Spain

September 14th, 15th and 16th is marked in green on the calendar of professionals, cannabis industry experts, worldwide companies and those visitors eager to know the new advances of the sector that will be exhibited at EXPOGROW.

A unique trade show that never stops growing and innovating since its first edition in 2012.

The 7th edition will take place once again at the fairgrounds of Ficoba, in the frontier town of Irún. With its 5000 m2 divided in 4 pavilions and 7000 m2 outdoors, Expogrow is the largest cannabis fair in Europe.

Regarding the exhibition brands, in Expogrow you will find the most relevant seeds banks, growshops, distributors, growing products, accessories, lighting, fertilizers, etc… as well as new products made out of CBD, vaporizers or the novelties in machinery and technology.

Salonica Cannabis Expo 2018, 28-30 September, Thessaloniki, Greece

The International Cannabis Expo travels to Northern Greece, and specifically in Thessaloniki, from 28 to 30 September 2018 and invites you to Porto Palace, in order not only to teach you everything you didn’t know about this precious plant, but also to meet all the Greek and foreign professionals and their medical and industrial products. Our goal is for all patients to get in touch with each other as well as with the ventures that already operate in Greece with foreign innovative companies, so that they may exchange ideas, perspectives and expertise.

More than 70 exhibitors and a big variety of products such as: pharmaceutical products, food products, clothing, cosmetics, vaporizers, seeds, building materials, agriculture and industrial equipment and applications, are some of the innovations that the visitors of Salonica Cannabis Expo will get to experience.


Cultiva Hemp Expo, 12-14 October, Veinna, Austria

Here all revolves around the useful and medical plant hemp, including novelties and innovations concerning the – wrongly bedeviled – recreational and medical use, the usage as sustainable natural resource and of course also hemp as precious superfood.

The exhibitor list for Cultiva 2018 is complete and can be viewed on our online stand map. Various exhibitors with the thematic focal points CBD, seeds, grow, head, equipment, food, cosmetics, building materials and much more will be represented with booths. Workshops, Live-shows, innovations and product presentations as well as special offers, round off the program.

Cannapa in Mostra, 26-28 October, Naples, Italy

Cannapa in Mostra proposes hemp as an ecological resource in the agrarian, energetic, medical, recreational, textile, paper and bioconstruction industry, and in every other aspect and possible use, trying to demolish the socio-cultural preconception that goes against his real and massive re-introduction in the Italian context.

There are a lot of possible uses for this plant, but with the progress of technology and of scientific discoveries, they could be unlimited, furthermore the incessant request of new eco-friendly technologies asks for new researches on this adaptable material.

The purpose of the organization is to let people and institutions know about the potentialities of the hemp, and to restore the old tradition that links our country to the hemp, specifically the region called Campania, trying to bring togheter workers, experts, enthusiastic and whoever is intrigued by this rising and growing industry, allowing them to grow and to exchange knowledge.


EuroAmerican Cannabis Business Conference, 1–2 November 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

EuroAmerican Cannabis Business Conference

November 1-2, 2018


International Cannabis B2B Conference in the Heart of Europe

Cannafest, 2-4 November, Prague, Czech Republic

The international trade show of cannabis and medicinal herbs Cannafest is the largest cannabis trade show in the world. It’s 9th year will take place November 2nd – 4th 2018, in the beautiful setting of the Expo Prague-Letnany.

Visitors can be looking forward to seeing exclusive exhibitions including cultivation technology, fertilizers, seeds, smoking accessories, vaporizers both on display and on sale. Don´t miss on purchasing various hemp cosmetic products and clothing and have some delicious hemp snacks with us!

Lisbon Medical Cannabis – 9-10 November – Lisbon, Portugal

Cannabis for Medicinal purposes was just approved by the Portuguese Parliament on June 15th 2018. New regulatory reforms will enable patients with a medical prescription to access cannabis for therapeutic purposes, but the information on this subject barely exist in Portugal.

LISBON MEDICAL CANNABIS will be an excellent opportunity for the general public and health practitioners to learn with some of the most renowned physicians and researchers in the field.

The event is organized by Cannativa — Associação de Estudos sobre Canábis — a non-profit association for the studies on Cannabis. We are a multidisciplinary team that contributes with reliable scientific information for the Cannabis regulation in Portugal.



Canna Douro, 17-18 November, Porto, Portugal

CANNADOURO in 2017 has established itself as the meeting point for cannabis culture of the entire Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, receiving visitors from the Algarve to Galicia. The city of Porto and Portugal became part of the international calendar of cannabis fairs held in Europe. The 2nd EDITION OF CANNADOURO will be held on 17 and 18 November 2018 again at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto.

The exhibition space of this year’s edition will be expanded allowing the presence of more national and international companies related to the current uses of cannabis and that represent all the innovative and entrepreneurial capacity of this business sector. THE CONFERENCES continue to be a strong commitment to promote public debate concerning the use of hemp in all its aspects: industrial, recreational and medicinal, fighting the prejudice regarding this multi-versatile plant. Regarding recreational use,  Cannadouro Conferences aims to promote the conscious use of cannabis in order to prevent and minimize problems of individual and public health. On medicinal use CannaDouro again seeks to make accessible all the therapeutic potentialities and faculties of cannabis.

Cannabizz Warsaw 2018, 30.11-2.12, Warsaw, Poland

We proudly invite you to the Cannabizz Warsaw 2018. The first weekend of December will be a nice end of this year’s Cannabis fairs season and a perfect start to the next year!

We welcome you in the heart of Poland’s economy – Warsaw. On 10,000 m² of floor space exhibitors from all over Europe will present their latest developments and trends on the hemp market. A wide variety of different products on the topics growing, indoor gardening, seeds for collectors, lightning, paraphernalia, medicine and cosmetics will be shown to the interested visitors. As a framework program a congress with international well-known speakers from science, medicine and industry will be held.

International Cannabis Policy Conference 2018, 7-9 December
Vienna, Austria

The International think & do tank, FAAAT joins specialized association ICACO in organizing an International Cannabis Policy Conference, attached to a major United Nations summit on cannabis and drug policies

Purpose of the International Cannabis Policy Conference:

● Bring together an International community of cannabis decision makers,
entrepreneurs, and scientists
● Review and explore existing & future international law and regulations
● Showcase potential of hemp and Cannabis policy reform for multiple Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
● Brief Countries, UN & WHO decision-makers about the potential of hemp and the social, economic and human rights-compliance benefits of supporting the descheduling of Cannabis on the International level
● Expand Cannabis regulation from only covering human health to cover all
potential uses as sustainable supercrops – Clarify and disprove hemp/ Cannabis misconceptions, and explore the vast array of uses of hemp as an effective tool for sustainable development and societies.
● Show up the existing, innovating and rising market.


I probably missed some event, so if you know of any cannabis related event happening in the second half of this year, let me know in the comments, and I will add it to the list.

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